Monday, April 19, 2010


While at the sand onsen Takegawara in Beppu I saw a old fuzzy black and white postcard that pictured a light mountain shaped like Fuji-san with the city of Beppu at it’s base, with plumes of steam rising from the city. As the mountain was light in colour, I had assumed it was snow covered. But that didn’t really make sense because the taller mountains in the back ground where not snow covered. The shape of the mountain, plus the print in my room, made me think that it was a Fuji look-a-like.
On my way to Hololand mud onsen (which I recommend that you DO NOT visit) the bus turned a corner and I got the above view of a strangely barren hillside. It looked as though it was a field that had been harvested, but oddly only to the ridge. I can’t imagine what you would grow on such a steep hillside. Young bamboo for the local wicker-work?
Nori-mono for Fuji look-a-likes is as hard as trying to capture Fuji from a moving vehicle.

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