Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arrival #2- air Fuji

I have been going over in my mind whether it would be possible to see Fuji this trip. I considered a trip to the Five Lakes National Park, but knew I really wouldn’t have time. So I was beginning to settle on one possible sighting, cloud and humidity haze dependent, from the Shinkansen.

When I was last in Japan I asked people where their favourite view of Fuji was and a lot of them said from the plane. I had struggled quiet a bit with my fear of flying last year and so I ruled that view out. I couldn’t imagine myself taking a cheap Japanese flight to the south of the island.

I have been feeling fine though these last months and unusually for me was happy to sit near the window and even look out and take photos. As I was thinking about whether I should fly to Nagoya to get a chance to see Fuji, the Captain came on over the PA system and announced that Fuji was visible.

How I love this mountain. It was just so incredibly beautiful to watch the mountain come closer as we tracked towards Tokyo.

And then just disappears when we descended into the haze. It was amazing and I feel very satisfied with this view, so now I can relax and just concentrate on finishing my work for Aichi.