Saturday, November 20, 2010

Out the window and on a screen

Two Shunga views
Kunisada "Playing cards"

One attributed to Toyoshige from an album of 12 lovers in front of decorative screens. This series has a wonderful scene within an scene framing of the screens- but only one of Fuji.

Both images from Ukiyo-e Gallery from thier shunga gallery. They have quiet a large selection of images- more available here than from some museum websites. Their descriptions of the condition of the prints can be quiet amusing such as this one for Utamaro, "The kiss":
Very Good. Excellent colors. Margins trimmed; very minor soiling.

or Kunisada II, "Two couples under a blue umbrella" :
Exceptionally clean for "shunga."

There is some information on each print but quiet enough, wiki commons also has quiet a lot of images but also not so much information. Anyone know of a good scholarly texts on this art form?

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