Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new blog on the list

One Hundred Mountains is blog about the Japanese Alps, about climbing them now and the cultural history of climbing, in particular the book "Nihon Hyakumeizan" written by Fukada Kyūya about Japan's 100 famous mountains over 2,000 feet. (I have climbed two, one being Yufu-dake)

They have a great cartoon on today's post that anthropomorphises the mountains of Japan. The cartoon shows a detail of the island of Honshu with Fuji at the centre.


  1. Many thanks for noticing what might be called in keigo my "Hei-Blog". Glad you enjoyed the story of Tatsu and her sisters....

  2. Pleasure! I'm not a serious climber, more a rambler, but hope to add a few more of the 100 Famous, and some not so famous, to my list of climbed.