Saturday, December 11, 2010

open journal

I've thought of this blog as a kind of open journal. Usually I have a strong resistance to allowing people into my working process, I don't even like talking about it with my PhD supervisors. So perhaps this a kind of talking at a tangent? or a kind of talking where it's a monologue? But anyway one of the nice things about posting, specifically the Secret Glimpses post...

(want to increase your traffic? just add a couple of bathhouse scenes. This is an apparently "new reproduction" of Torii Kiyonaga- there are so many changes- change of colours (red door hanging, wood floors), and all small details, like the patterns of the women's yukatas and the peeping tom missing essentially only the broadest compositional elements are there, and only of a detail.)

... is that it has lead to an exhibition, and therefore an opportunity to make something instead of just mulling it over in my head. The delightful Rebecca Mayo is curating a project for Impact7 that will be in her Dolls House gallery. The house this time will be located inside the artist/designer run gallery: Hand Held. Each artist in the show (others being Rebecca, Heather Hesterman, and Richard Harding) will get a room of the Dolls House, the title is: Inside-out, Outside-in.

Without giving too much away too early in the piece ( I hate being held to account to an idea I leave behind) I'll be working with the amount of neckties I have amassed recently... Vintage Pierre Cardin anyone?

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