Monday, September 6, 2010

Was I blind??

On my first trip to Tokyo, about five days after I saw Fuji for the first time, I went to meet Andre in his part of town- Ilabashi. We walked around and visited some temples, and he took me to his local Buddhist temple. I said some prayers there and on my way home to Sydney, three months later, it was the place I said my last prayers too. On both of those occasions I don't remember seeing a golden Fuji in front of the box where you chuck in your coins so I was completely surprised when I went to say my prayers on my first day in Tokyo, on this second trip, that I was facing a very large golden Fuji.

I had to take this image from afar as you are not allow to take photos in the temple.


  1. You weren't blind, but it is the way of things Japanese, that it is not overt, and sometimes just waiting a bit allows the truth to shine for you. Be happy that you didn't get to realise this till now, I am happy for you. It isn't about immediate gratification, it's about the slower more fulfilling lifelong song that you are singing.